RuneScape Dragon Slayer Guide

posted by DamionKrantz56 on Jul 10, 2018
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Prove yourself a true hero. Kill the mighty dragon of Crandor Island and earn the right to buy and wear the powerful rune platebody.


  • The fastest way to reach the Champions' Guild is via the Varrock lodestone home teleport and running southwest.Guildmaster

  • Make your way to Oziach's hut found just north of the Edgeville lodestone and talk to Oziach inside. Ask if he'll sell you a rune platebody and he'll ask how you know he has some. Tell him that the Guildmaster told you and he'll tell you that only heroes may wear it, then ask him about the quest and he'll tell you that he'll let you wear the platebody if you slay the dragon of Crandor. Say that sounds like fun and ask how to kill the dragon, after which he'll send you back to the Guildmaster for more information.Oziach

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